Freshers cafés offer a friendly, relaxed and welcoming setting where people living with early onset neurological conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, MND, MS, Huntington’s etc, and their families and friends, can drop in for a chat, peer support and information. 

Although younger people experience similar symptoms to older people with neurodegenerative conditions, the impact on their lives is significantly different.  Younger people are more likely to still be working when they are diagnosed.  Many will have significant financial commitments such as a mortgage.  They often have children to care for and dependent parents too. Their lives tend to be more active and they have hopes, dreams and ambitions to fulfil. Knowing that others really understand makes a difference, and this can grow into a support network that exists outside the café. Each café provides a setting where people feel welcomed and valued.

"Great opportunity to learn about dementia from the people who are experiencing it in a safe comfortable environment. Hopefully helpful to them being able to mix with like minded folk and make new friends and have a happy social life."

"A great place to socialise for the young at heart. Come along, meet new people and enjoy being part of a fabulous community group."

"I have seen the positive impact from the Freshers Cafe it’s so refreshing and is a simple way to make a difference well done Peter and team"


Peter was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the age of 58, and after identifying the large number of young people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, he set up the first Freshers Young Onset Café.

Read more about Peter's story here.


Freshers Cleveleys is fortunate to be visited each month by a fantastic number of lovely, friendly people - watch the video to feel the buzz in the room!

We look forward to welcoming new faces at The Tramway in Thornton-Cleveleys, on the first Tuesday of every month between 6pm and 8pm.


The launch of the new Freshers Young Onset Cafe at The Dukes theatre in Lancaster created quite a buzz! The Ashton Memorial was lit up in support of Freshers Lancaster the night before the event, and on the day there was live music, lots of visitors and new faces, and a fantastic feel about the place. 

We're so exciting to have another cafe up and running - The Dukes theatre is easily accessible in Lancaster city centre, and is a very welcoming environment. We're really looking forward to seeing new faces there each month!


The BBC2 programme called "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" chose to showcase Freshers Young Onset Cafes for one of their shows. They visited the Freshers cafe in St Anne's on Tuesday 29th June, bringing their camera crews to film the presenter, GP Zoe Williams, discussing the new initiative with supporters of the group.